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Property condemnation or eminent domain law refers to the practice of the government body taking possession of private property for the public good. The property condemned may be intended for a new road, school or military facility. Whatever the case, the constitution provides property owners simple, but frequently overlooked, rights.

Is your property under threat by local, state or federal government?

Eminent domain attorney, Joseph R. Borich, understands the frustration that accompanies the complex process of property condemnation. We educate our clients about issues involved in eminent domain and explain all of the legal options so they can make informed decisions.

Condemnation issues can include:

  • Valid public use of your property Government's right of acquisition
  • Fair market value and good faith offers
  • Fair and just compensation
  • Relocation claims, moving expenses and re-establishment claims
  • Inverse condemnation
  • Regulatory taking
  • Payment for damages, lost income and business interruption
  • Appraisal methods and State certified MAI appraisers
  • Tax consequences
  • Access to property issues
  • Environmental issues for property

You are entitled to constitutional protection!

The fifth and fourteenth Amendments guarantee some of your property rights. Eminent domain attorney, Joseph R. Borich, can assist your understanding of these protections and apply them to your case. We provide eminent domain information to residential and commercial property owners in Kansas and Missouri involved in legal disputes.

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